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So these are the looks I managed to create with my girlfriend’s flannel shirt. Please excuse the poor quality but I don’t own a better camera. Haha But anyway.

The first look is belted at the waist, and paired with skinny jeans tucked into boots. Probably my least favorite way to wear it.

The second is a high waisted skirt that I got a thrift store (for my harry potter costume none-the-less). I tied it where the waist is to make it a little more flirty. I also threw on these t strap wedges that I’ve had since middle school and just refuse to toss out.

the third is with a stretchy skirt I bought at target. It’s black and has a navy blue “tirbal” pattern on it. I love it. I wear it with t shirts, flowy shirts, my go to summer skirt. I also wore an elaborate necklace that I purchased at kohl’s with it (post a picture later). This is what I ended up wearing to the UHH concert and I loved it.

The last I simply threw a thrifted sweater vest over it and wore skinny jeans (from Old Navy, they carry great sizes and fits) and simply black flats.

SO there ya have it! All of these outfits were made spending little to no money, with the exception of that necklace, it’s the most expensive thing I’m wearing at 18 dollars. Again, please excuse my messy hair, my messy mirror, and my messy room. It was a 3 AM spark of inspiration when I started taking these. Good luck and happy shopping :]

OH! And the last look is what I wore for the campus tour. I got the dress at Ross for 8.99 (LOVE that place for dresses), I’ve owned the belt, the scarf was five dollars at wal mart, and I’ve owned MY FAVORITE black flats from target for quite some time. This is my absolute favorite look for fall. I just throw on a blazer, or a leather jack and some leggings if it gets any colder. I absolutely adore that outfit.

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